The following is an article I wrote last year, and although a few things have changed, I believe the message is still valid and is worth repeating now.


In December 1944, during the last major battle of World War II, known as the Battle of the Bulge, over 100,000 German troops surrounded the Belgian town of Bastogne, trapping 22,800 American soldiers. With ammunition running short and heavy snow storms preventing badly needed supplies and support from reaching them, things looked pretty grim.

On December 22, a group of German soldiers under a flag of truce delivered a demand to the Americans to surrender the town within two hours or face the consequences. Faced with overwhelming odds, the commander of the American troops, General Anthony McAuliffe, replied, “To the German Commander: Nuts! The American Commander.”

What followed was shear madness, an attempt by the Germans to completely obliterate Bastogne. The town was bombarded incessantly by artillery while being attacked from all sides by tanks and infantry.

The Americans held on with grim determination.

Finally, the weather cleared and Allied Forces were able to airlift supplies to them and send bombers to drive back the German tanks, enabling the trapped soldiers to hold on until Patton’s Third Army arrived to reinforce them. By late January, the Germans had been pushed back to their original positions.

Despite the odds, the Americans had held on and eventually defeated the enemy.

Today, 77 years after the siege of Bastogne, another battle is being fought by a small army of Americans who are facing an enemy of much larger proportions in a fight for the very soul of our country. Faced with overwhelming odds, this army is lead by a man who refuses to surrender and has essentially told the leaders of the opposing army “Nuts!” when told he must accept the results of a rigged and illegal election.

That man is President Donald Trump.

And while this army fights on with the same grim resolve as the soldiers at Bastogne, they cannot expect aid and relief from their Allies. Despite overwhelming evidence of fraud at many levels, they have been abandoned by the very people they are fighting for.

In fact, many of the people that they are fighting for have turned against them and joined the enemy. With the RINO Republican teamed up the Socialist Democrats, and a corrupt Congress, a spinless Supreme Court and a mainstream media propaganda machine all aligned against them, they have little chance of winning.

And yet, they fight on. They fight on for We the People.

And though I fear that they will lose this battle, I believe that we will ultimately win the war. I see a resolve building among “We the People”, and like a small ripple rises to a mighty wave, our voice will slowly rise up from a quiet murmur to deafening roar that cannot be ignored.

And, like the commander of Bastogne, We the People will respond to a demand from the Left to surrender to their abuses and tyranny with a single word.


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