A Promise to Congress



We the People

Election Day 2022, the 8th of November

Is a day of reckoning you will always remember

When We the People exercise our right

To take a stand – and if need be, to fight

Against the lies and promises broken

Back room deals that go unspoken

Twisted words and outright deceptions

All of these o’er our objections

Which you ignore (or choose not to hear)

Because We the People you do not fear!

To special interest groups you bow and pray

Screw my constituents (you think but won’t say)

Who do We the People think they are?

If not for me and my ilk, they wouldn’t get far

They don’t understand how big government works

That it’s all about money and power and perks

For us politicians it’s just a big game

We win – you lose – it’s always the same

You elected us, now we’re in control

Go home We the People – crawl back in your hole!

Hell no, we won’t go! We’re here to stay

We’ve come to show you the error of your way

We the People have found our voice

And it’s time for us to make a choice

Between those who will uphold the Constitution

And those who support an “alternative solution”

So, just wait a minute there big hoss

You must have forgotten who’s your boss

Your way is finished, it’s no use to fuss

We’re We the People – YOU work for US!

Stay the course on your current path

And you shall feel our vengeful wrath

This is the promise of We the People

For far too long have we been Sheeple

Come the ninth of November, 2022

You can bet there will be plenty of new

Names and faces in those hallowed halls

Men and women who will heed our calls

And will swear an oath to do what’s right

For We the People will have shown our might!

Copyright © 2022

The Texas Minuteman

All Rights Reserved

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