American Exceptionalism

On November 28, 1942, during World War II, the assembly line at Ford Motor Company’s huge Willow Run plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan turned out its first production bomber, a B-24 Liberator. By the time the plant reached its peak production in the summer of 1944, it was producing a bomber an hour.

In 1939, total aircraft production for the US military was less than 3,000 planes. By the end of the war, American manufacturing companies had produced over 300,000 planes. Aircraft manufacturing went from 41st place among American industries to first place in less than five years.

American manufacturers were engaged in the greatest military industrial effort in history. No war was more industrialized than World II, and it was a war won as much by machine shops as by machine guns.

Equally important in this effort was the American Worker. While many of America’s able-bodied men and women were fighting overseas, others supported the war effort on the home front. Scientists and engineers turned out new designs for aircraft, ships, weapons and other equipment at a pace unparalleled in human history.

And not to be forgotten are the millions of American women who rolled up their sleeves and did the jobs that only men had done before. These women, nicknamed “Rosie the Riveter” by a grateful nation, often worked six days a week building the ships, planes and other equipment in support of the war effort.

It was American Exceptionalism that won the war. Without the effort of so many Americans working so hard for a common cause, the outcome might have been different. I dare not imagine what the world might be like today had Germany developed the atomic bomb before we did.

And yet, even as I write this, the Administration of President Joe Biden aided by a Congress controlled by left-wing radicals is hell-bent on destroying everything that made America great and putting America and Americans back onto the road to mediocrity, putting the interest of America and Americans last instead of first.

Today, we are facing a different kind of war. Only the enemy we are facing is not from without, but from within - an enemy that has been plotting and planning this war for over fifty years and is now engaged in an all-out attack for the very soul of America.

It is a war we dare not lose!

Once again Americans must roll up their sleeves and do the job that must be done. We must join together and fight for a common cause. Only the battle will not occur on the battlefield, but at the ballot box. It is ballots, not bullets, that will win this war. We cannot and must not accept anything less than total victory.

And just like during World War II, it is American Exceptionalism that will help us once again prevail against a mortal enemy. It is Americans rising up as one and saying "enough" and once again defeating a mortal enemy. It is Americans telling our leaders that we will not accept the tyranny they so desperately want to impose on us.

America IS exceptional. Americans ARE exceptional. And American Exceptionalism IS real.

And just like World War II, it is American Exceptionalism that will win this war.

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