Do Zombies Exist?

The following is an excerpt from a book I’ve been writing for several years entitled “PREPARING FOR THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: The Definitive Guide to Surviving and Living in a Post-Apocalyptic World”. In the book, I use the term “Zombie” metaphorically to describe any person, group, or entity that could pose a threat in a time of despair. Given the current state of affairs in our country, I thought it might be appropriate to share some of my thoughts about one particular group of Zombies. ENJOY!

Our fascination with Zombies has been ongoing for hundreds of years and if the number of books and movies being written and produced today about Zombies is any indication, the level of fascination is as high as it has ever been. If you were to take a survey of books about apocalyptic events, you would probably find more of them written about a Zombie Apocalypse than any other event. Given that level of interest, I feel obligated to ask the questions: “Do Zombies exist?” Is there such a thing as a “real” Zombie?”

If we use the most common definition of a Zombie as “the walking dead – a person whose corpse has been reanimated through magic, witchcraft, a virus, or some other means, with no soul or will of its own”, I’m going to go out on a limb and say “NO”. If we use a more literal definition of “a living, mindless, unthinking person under the direct control or influence of someone or something else”, I’ll say “Possibly” and maybe even go as far as saying “Probably” – Hypnosis and Brainwashing come to mind (so do Liberalism, Progressivism and Political Correctness, but let’s leave politics out of this).

If we use a definition of “a living person who is totally oblivious of, and uninterested in, anything and everything around him/her except for what is displayed on a small screen held approximately six inches in front of his/her face, is incapable of thinking or reasoning for himself/herself, blindly accepts whatever he/she is told as the truth without question, and willingly does whatever he/she is told to do without hesitation or understanding why”, then I will absolutely say “YES”! In fact, I would estimate that there are currently between 50 million and 100 million of what I call (for lack of a better name) “neo-Zombies” (others may refer to them as Snowflakes) currently living in the United States, and the number of these neo-Zombies seems to be increasing at a frightening rate.

Are these neo-Zombies “real Zombies”? In a classical sense, NO. Neo-Zombies are not the walking dead. Nor are they under the direct control of someone or something else, with the key word being “direct”. However, they have allowed themselves to be controlled, albeit indirectly, by openly and willingly subjugating themselves to the malicious ministrations of a mono-think mainstream media, the misinformation and malfeasance of a malevolent educational system, the mind-numbing moronization of a megalomaniacal social media network, and the manifest misrepresentations of a malfunctioning federal government and morally-corrupt political system.

To put it in more simplistic terms, neo-Zombies have allowed themselves to be lied to, dumbed-down, morally corrupted and misled in almost every aspect of their known world by what I will call their “Zombie Masters”, and they are either too lazy, too stupid, too uninterested or too uncaring to even know it. So, YES, I believe that neo-Zombies are “real Zombies”.

And because there are so many of them and they are everywhere, because their Zombie Masters are in positions of influence and power (media, education system, social media and government/politics), and the most frightening reason of all, because neo-Zombies have the right to vote when the reach a certain age, they just may be the most dangerous Zombies of all!

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