The Boston Tea Party

On the evening of December 16, 1773, a small group of American Patriots calling themselves the Sons of Liberty participated in an act of non-violent protest against the British that became known as the Boston Tea Party.

The protest was in response to the Tea Act that had recently been passed by the British Parliament. The Act not only placed a tax on their tea, it also required the colonies to buy their tea from the British owned East India Company. Not surprisingly, the Tea Act infuriated the colonists and the tea became a symbol of British oppression.

Loosely disguised as Indians, these protestors boarded three merchant ships tied up at Griffin’s Wharf in Boston Harbor and proceeded to open 342 chests of tea and dump the tea into the harbor. No other cargo on board the ships was damaged or taken and no one was injured during the protest. They even cleaned up and swept the decks of the ships when they finished.

The Boston Tea Party was over in less than three hours, but the repercussions of what the British saw as an act of rebellion would affect the colonists in Boston for years. In response to this overt act of defiance, Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts which closed the port of Boston and required colonists to quarter the British Troops, among other measures.

To the British, these were acts of punishment for insubordination, but to the colonists, these were acts of reprisal. They were viewed as outright tyranny and ultimately put the colonists on the path that led to independence.

Fast forward two hundred forty-eight years and the people of America, no longer colonists but citizens of the United States, are once again being subjected to acts of oppression, not by the British Parliament, but by their own government.

Stolen elections, promises to stack the Supreme Court to ensure favorable rulings for those in power, threats to our “Unalienable Rights” guaranteed by the Constitution, a foreign invasion through open borders, efforts to defund the police, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum are all acts of reprisal by the Left against those who stand in their way to a Socialistic Utopia.

The Intolerable Acts have been replaced with the Abominable Acts.

The American Dream is about to become the American Nightmare.

Like the patriots at the Boston Tea Party, we must stand up to oppression whenever and wherever it occurs. We must not submit to the tyranny of the Left. We must have strength in our resolve to defeat this enemy of enemies. Nothing less than the future of our country is at stake.

We the People must not fail.

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