“The Congress Touch”

Have you ever wondered why everything that Congress does turns out bad? Why every new piece of legislation that Congress passes is garbage? Why every attempt by Congress to fix a problem only makes the problem worse or creates new problems?

It’s because of what I call “The Congress Touch”.

Some of you may remember the legend of King Midas and “The Midas Touch” from Greek mythology. King Midas, who had an unquenchable desire for wealth, was granted one wish by the god Dionysius and he wished that everything he touched would turn into gold.

He was delighted with his new power and rejoiced when everything he touched did indeed turn into gold. However, when he sat down to enjoy a great feast in celebration of his new power, his food and wine were turned into gold, as was his daughter when he hugged her to try to console her.

Having realized the error of his way, King Midas begged Dionysius to remove this curse from him and let things be as they were. Dionysius consented, and King Midas and his now un-gilded daughter lived happily ever after (OK, I’ve mixed a bit of fairytale with mythology, but I’m sure the Brothers Grimm won’t mind).

“The Congress Touch” is similar to “The Midas Touch”, but instead of turning into gold, everything that Congress touches turns into crap. This power wasn’t granted to Congress by a god - Congress granted it to itself because our Congressmen and Senators think they are gods and can usurp any powers they want.

And like King Midas, Congress has an unquenchable desire. But instead of wealth Congress has an unquenchable desire for power. However, unlike King Midas, Congress does not and never will see the error of its ways. As far as Congress is concerned there is no error of its ways.

In fact, Congress is so delighted with its ability to turn things into crap that it is constantly seeking ever more power so that it can turn ever more things into ever more crap. For Congress, more power means more crap and more crap means more power. It’s like an “Infinite DO Loop” from which there is no escape (that’s a Fortran programming error for you less than 40-somethings).

But fear not! Our founding fathers, in their infinite wisdom, have giving We the People the power to put an end to all of this crap. This power is granted to the people and the states, not by gods, but by the US Constitution.

And it gives us the right to call a Convention of States where we can pass amendments to the Constitution to limit Congress’s power and limit the terms of the “would be gods” that we call Congressmen and Senators.

Won’t you join me and Convention of States in exercising our power to help remove this evil curse Congress has placed upon itself and return Congress back to its intend role as a servant of the people.

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