The Greatest Threat to the United States of America (Part 1)

Do you know what the single greatest threat to the United State of America is? It’s not what you think. In fact, I’ll give you three guesses and bet that you get it wrong all three times.

Care to take the challenge? Take your three guesses and then read the rest of this post to see if you’re right. If you are – Congratulations! You’re in the top 1/10th of 1% of Americans (OK, so I made that statistic up, but I’ll make you another bet that I’m pretty damn close).

If you’re wrong, don’t worry – you’re in the majority. By the time you finish reading this post you will not only know what the single greatest threat is, you will also know what you can do about it.

But before I tell you what the greatest threat to the United States IS, let me tell you what it’s NOT!

  • It’s NOT Russian disinformation and cyber attacks!

  • It’s NOT China’s unfair trade practices and saber rattling!

  • It’s NOT a nuclear attack by North Korea!

  • It’s NOT terrorism sponsored by Iran!

  • It’s NOT ISIS!

  • It’s NOT Al Qaeda!

  • It’s NOT Home-Grown Terrorists!

  • It’s NOT Left Wing Extremist!

  • It’s NOT Right Wing Extremist!

  • It’s NOT White Supremacists!

  • It’s NOT Antifa!

  • It’s NOT Black Lives Matter!

  • It’s NOT Gangs or Gang Violence!

  • It’s NOT Drugs!

  • It’s NOT Gun Violence!

  • It’s NOT the United Nations!

  • It’s NOT the New World Order!

  • It’s NOT the Great Reset!

  • It’s NOT the European Union!

  • It’s NOT Liberals!

  • It’s NOT Conservatives!

  • It’s NOT Democrats!

  • It’s NOT Republicans!

  • It’s NOT the Deep State!

  • It’s NOT the Mainstream Media!

  • It’s NOT Fake News!

  • It’s NOT Google, Facebook or Twitter!

  • It’s NOT a Do-Nothing Congress!

  • It’s NOT Legislation by Executive Order!

  • It’s NOT Legislation from the Judicial Bench!

  • It’s NOT Over Regulation by Federal Agencies!

  • It’s NOT Runaway Government Spending!

  • It’s NOT the National Debt!

  • It’s NOT Unfunded Mandates!

  • It’s NOT the FBI, CIA or NSA!

  • It’s NOT Hollywood Elites!

  • It’s NOT Illegal Aliens!

  • It’s NOT Open Borders!

  • It’s NOT Socialism!

  • It’s NOT Communism!

  • It’s NOT Collectivism!

  • It’s NOT Nationalism!

  • It’s NOT Populism!

  • It’s NOT Progressivism!

  • It’s NOT Conservativism!

  • It’s NOT our Education System!

  • It’s NOT Liberal Colleges and Universities!

  • It’s NOT Wall Street!

  • It’s NOT the 1%!

  • It’s NOT the other 99%!

  • It’s NOT a collapse of the Global Banking System!

  • It’s NOT Global Warming!

  • It’s NOT a Global Pandemic!

  • It’s NOT an Invasion by Extra-Terrestrials!

  • and, It’s NOT Zombies!

In fact, you can name any threat you could possibly dream up and 99.9% of you would be wrong (there’s those damned statistics again)!

That being said, each and every one of the above threats - perceived or otherwise – is indeed a real or potential threat to the United States, some more than others, some bigly more.

So, what is the single greatest threat to the United States of America?

Well, you’ll have to read Part 2 of this Post next Tuesday to find out. Until then, keep guessing. You just might get it right!

p.s. Leave a comment below and let me know what YOU think is the greatest threat to the United States of America.

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