We The People

Waller County Patriots began in 2021 when a few community members decided it was time to take a stand. Our movement challenges the status quo by holding our leaders accountable from school boards to state politicians.  We understand that a local effort will have a national impact, and that it is imperative to put GOD & COUNTRY above all else.

Have a Voice

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Strength in numbers.  This grassroots movement is catching fire as We The People are fed up with government overreach and daily attacks on our freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  Everyday there is a new infringement on our liberties.  We must stand strong together.

Texas Choice Rally at State Capital

Upcoming Events

Vote March 1st!
(early vote Feb 14-25)

Hello Waller County! For those of you that do not know me, let me introduce myself. I am the mother of three strong conservative men. A graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan preparing for law school in the fall, A graduate of UT in the writing industry, and a Junior at UT Dallas preparing for Medical School. My husband is retired from HFD after 36 years and is currently a Captain in the MVFD. We have been married almost 12 years. I am a retired Doctor of Chiropractic and enjoyed 31 years of a successful private practice. Currently my husband and I own and operate a horse boarding facility in Hockley. I have strong family values and have tried to instill in my sons the same values of honesty, transparency, hard work, love of Country and above all else, love of GOD!  As Americans, we are so blessed to live in this Country that so many have died for, to keep us free. But that is threatened daily, and our liberties are under attack. I could no longer sit at home and watch the systematic destructio
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